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I approached Liz because she is my neighbor and I knew I could trust her. I had legal documents that I didn’t understand. I needed someone to translate them for me and someone to act as my advocate. Liz did both on schedule and for very reasonable rates. I’m grateful that she had the time to help me out with my legal problem.

– Paula McQueen

Elizabeth Swanson is the lawyer other lawyers recommend for intellectual property matters: She knows the intricacies and best ways to handle the most complex of transactional and litigation cases. In addition, she has an even yet warm temperament that encourages clients to open up to her concerning their cases.

– Attorney Susan Balistocky

I sought the counsel of Elizabeth Swanson when I began contemplating the execution of the next steps for my business’s strategic plan. Not only did she get me started in my protecting my intellectual property, she provided me with valuable business insight. Her brief but effective lesson on copyright, trademark, and licensing continue to be helpful as I move forward. It also allows me to prioritize my protection given my budget. Protecting your ideas and hard work and business value are essential. I think Liz is a great choice for a partner in this.

– Stephanie Hancock

Liz is hands down the best, and not just for her high level connections at the trademark office to make things easier for you and your new business or existing business, but she just gets it! That would be you and life, and that my friend is where talent in any area excels. Trust me. Give her a shot, and you’ll see to how incredible she really is!

– Scott-Vincent Borba

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